Our Staff

O.B. Nieves

OB has been a member of the DARE family since 1995 and has been working on cars since age 12. He resides in Downingtown with his loving wife and two sons. He enjoys camping, finishing, and NASCAR when he has free time, and when he's in the shop, he specializes on engine building and large transmission jobs. He's a very efficient worker and loves to see his customers leaving happy.

Rick Kacy

Rick has been a member of DARE since 2002. He began working with his father fixing cars in the driveway. He is MACS certified and has his State and Emissions license, but Rick believes that to be a mechanic means being an expert on whatever pulls into his bay. Rick says his greatest gifts in the world are his wife and son, who he enjoys hunting and being out in nature with. He has a degree in science engineering and got his first paying automotive job installing drum brakes on a 1971 Chevy Nova at a shop in Havertown back in 1987. As Rick’s father always said, “If we don’t fix ‘em, nobody will.”

Brad McWilliams

Brad has been a member of DARE since 2006. His life in mechanics began when he was just 5 years old with his father. He attended Vo-Tech in high school and won 11 awards in mechanic competitions. In 1998, he became a full-time technician. Brad is State Inspection and Emissions certified and specializes in professional fabrication jobs but is also well versed in mechanics with over twenty-years of experience. In his spare time, Brad drag races a 74 Nova and a 97 Artic cat sled. He also enjoys target shooting and spending quality time with his kids and granddaughter.

Tyler Kreiss

Tyler has been a member of the DARE family since 2016, figuratively and literally. He is the stepson of owner, Jonathan and has become an irreplaceable staple at Dave’s Automotive Repair. His career began with just a general interest in cars that has grown into a lifestyle and a (very expensive) love for nice cars. Tyler is a Car Notary and Licensed Car Salesman. Tyler works full time as a medical technician at Chester County Cardiology. Tyler still spends his Saturday’s with us at DARE writing up car deals and selling/picturing cars. When Tyler has down time, he enjoys golfing, hiking, backpacking, fishing, biking… honestly anything involving the outdoors.

Jemarr Stewart

Jemarr has been a part of our Between the Seats team since our opening. Jemarr has been detailing cars since he was 16 years old. He first got an interest in detailing at the young age of five when he would help his mom clean her car every weekend. Jemarr is extremely talented in his craft… from quick washes, interior and exterior details to stubborn stains and annoying scratches Jemarr will make sure your car is always shining when you come pick it up. When Jemarr isn’t at the detail shop working, he enjoys going bowling.

JT Aloisio

JT is the eldest son of Jonathan. He graduated from Rustin high school in 2018 and currently works full-time at DARE with his family. JT is well-versed in-service writing, engine rebuilding, and all aspects of automotive repair. JT also is an expert salesman for Jonathan’s Auto Outlet in buying and selling cars. In his free-time, JT is very into weight training and doing CrossFit with his family. JT hopes to one day follow in his father’s footsteps and taking over the family business.

Christopher Aloisio

The youngest son of Jonathan, Christopher is a free-spirit. He graduated from TCHS (technical high school) in 2020 studying automotive repair. Since graduating Christopher started working at DARE full time. His specialty is buying and selling cars along with being one of the main drivers for our tow business. When Chris is not working he enjoys riding his motorcycle, exotic cars, and photography.

Tom Boehm

Tom became a part of the DARE team in July of 2020 and never looked back. Tom is emissions and State Inspection certified. He specializes in Pontiac A Body’s, welding, fabrication and true Pontiac V8’s. Tom started finding his interest in cars at the age of 15. Tom says, “being a mechanic to me means problem solving to help customers which gives me a sense of pride in workmanship and accomplishment.” In Tom’s free time he enjoys riding motorcycles, fishing, drag racing and attending car shows.

Mark Magnotta

Mark started working for DARE in September of 2020. Mark is emissions and State Inspection certified. Mark specializes in diagnosing cars to find out exactly what is wrong and what needs to be done to get the car fixed. Mark started having an interest in cars at the age of 8 years old and has loved it ever since. Mark enjoys being able to find the problem and fix it in order to get the customers back on the road safely. When Mark is not at the shop, he enjoys watching tv, hanging outside and relaxing.

Luca Frederik

Luca has been a part of the DARE family since his junior year of high school in 2019. Luca started out by coming to the shop after school and helping to close the shop at night. Luca then got a scholarship to go play soccer in college at Skidmore. Luca has been coming back to work at DARE during his holiday and summer breaks. Luca started having an interest in cars at the young age of four years old. Luca can most likely be found driving customers, running to pick up parts, and overall maintenance of the shop. When asking Luca what it means to him working at DARE he said “It means I get to work with my best friends and work in a field that I love.” When Luca is not running errands at the shop for Laura & Kate he enjoys working out, riding his motorcycle, and playing soccer.

Jake Trimble

Jake started at DARE in November 2021. Jake first became interested in cars at the age of 5 when he would watch his dad wrench in the driveway after hours. Jake has done it all in the shop from sweeping floors, being a mechanic, welding, customer service and now as our service writer here at DARE. Jake specializes in Japanese and European cars. When Jake is not at the shop with us, he enjoys photographing cars at car shows, hiking, camping and target shooting.

Brian Larson

Brian joined the DARE team in November 2021. From a young age Brian found cars intriguing, but it wasn’t until he turned 16 and got his own car that he started getting really interested in the whole mechanics of how a vehicle and all its systems work. Brian specializes in foreign and domestic cars. In Brian’s spare time he enjoys hanging out with his friends, riding his mountain bike and of course he enjoys tinkering with his own cars.

Jaymer Pierce

Jay has been apart of our Between the Seats team since November of 2021. Jay’s friend called him when he saw the job was available and told him that he had to go try it out. Jay showed up on the first day and was hooked. Jay enjoys the challenge of bringing a dirty vehicle back to life and the pride of the finished product. In Jay’s free time he enjoys making music and hanging out with his friends.