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    Very cordial staff, and very accommodating to allow me to have a car checked by my mechanic. Seems to be a trust-worthy first rate operation. I noticed a few different vehicles I like, but I have my eyes on a particular item.

    Excellent buying experience! If you are looking for a guy in a polo shirt and khaki’s to hold you hostage and pressure you into buying a car for two hours…Jonathan’s is not for you. However, if you are looking for a zero pressure, easy, honest used car buying experience, Jonathan’s is your dealer. We drove from York County to look at a specific car. They worked with us, and could not have been more kind in helping us navigate through the process.
    Buying a used car is honestly a crap shoot, but with their 90 day – 3000 mile warranty, you have a solid safety net. Do your research, and read the carfax.
    Thank you, Johnathan, and staff for an outstanding buying experience!

    I bought the 2008 GT Mitsubishi Eclipse Convertible Spider and I’m in love. My first convertible and real sports car. Was so surprised with how clean the car was considering the year of the car and how low the milage was. Only 22 thousand miles when I bought it! No rusty parts, either. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have it. Bought it in the beginning of April of 2023. The nicest car I’ve ever had. I’ve never loved a car so much.

    Thank you Jonathan’s Auto Outlet!

    Fantastic! Great car,great people. Perfect buying experience.

    Top Notch Service! Appreciate the honesty and integrity that this family owned business lives by. They guided me through the process of buying my dream car and didn’t lead me down the wrong path!! Thank You!

    Thank you for a great experience! This was least amount of time I’ve spent doing the paperwork to purchase a car. There was no sales pressure at all, you were transparent with the condition of the car, and made inspection & test driving easy. Next time my kids wreck the car I would love to work with you to get our next car.

    We were very happy with our visit to possibly purchase a vehicle. We were hoping to leave with it that day and everyone there made it possible. One of the few places that I’ve seen and witnessed that went beyond to help everyone that walked through the door. Thank you for such a positive, hard working family and crew!

    My father and I have had a wonderful experience at Johnathans auto purchasing a vehicle. Their customer service is top notch one of a kind. The overall enviroment at Johnathans is very welcoming and friendly. Everyone here went the extra mile to help us and made sure all of our needs were meet. Thank you to everyone at Johnathans you are all wonderful.

    Jonathans Auto Outlet is a unique experience, compared to the other dealerships we visited. Jonathan is up front and open. He offered NONE of the usual gimmicks–pushing the vehicle, adding surprise fees, following you around so you can’t think. Everything was transparent. Not once did I see people whispering as at other places. All the staff were friendly and helped me check out things (one mechanic even dipped some radiator fluid out because I wanted to see it). They let me test drive twice on my own, and spend lots of time deciding. After I bought it, they inspected it for a long time, seeming to check every inch of the vehicle (there is a mechanic’s shop, too). I bought an ’06 Kia for a reasonable price and so far it has been reliable and appears very well maintained.

    Jonathan went above and beyond in the sale of a Corvette to my son. I’m so thankful that my sons first purchsase was from such an upstanding guy. We will absolutely recommend Jonathan’s Auto Outlet to anyone. We’ll be looking to the, for future used car purchases!

    Very happy with the vehicle that we originally purchased from you, also happy with the follow up service that we have received since buying the vehicle. We will be returning for routine maintenance, and will definitely consider future vehicle purchases as needed. Thank you for the follow up.

    I can’t believe how above and beyond Jonathan went for me when I bought my used car from his outlet. I found the car online and went in to look at it, I loved it and wanted it. I put down a deposit on the car, but wasn’t able to take it home that day because they put over $1,600 in repairs to the vehicle at no additional cost to me. They put on new brakes, rotors, did an alignment, fixed a rust spot then matched the paint color to cover that spot, plus did a lot more things to it as well, all to allow me to have a my vehicle in tip top running condition when I came back to pick it up. I highly recommend buying a car from here. I give them 10 out of 10 stars

    Purchasing a car from this company was an amazing decision! I bought my 2012 Toyota Camry from Jonathan in April, 2017. There were initial complications, however they were determined to do all they could to help fix it. They are very genuine people, driven by their goal to make YOU happy with your car, and I am so happy to have dealt with all of the employees there. Jonathan’s Auto Outlet is my #1 recommendation if you’re looking to purchase a car, and we will certainly look here next time we need a car!

    I bought an SUV from Johnathans Auto for the local American Legion. He allowed me to take it to my mechanic to have the SUV inspected. My guy did find issues with the SUV but I know my garage guy is a nit picker. Anyhow, Johnathan repaired everything on the list and did it in a timely manner. Almost a year later I have not had any issues with the SUV. I am planning to buy from him again. We bought a 3 year warranty with the auto. This warranty covers a lot.

    They were great! I highly recommend them!I bought a Dodge Dakota and they were extremely accommodating. They all worked with me and went out of their way to make my buying experience excellent! The truck was in pristine shape and we absolutely love it! Thanks guys for all your help!

    I would highly recommend this automotive repair shop to anyone. The always seem to be able to squeeze me in at a moments notice and they do great work at a very fair price. You know when you take your care to DARE that they are not just going to tell you there are a bunch of things that need to be fixed just to make money. They give you an honest evaluation and they don’t try to up sell you. If you need your car repaired and you don’t want to be taken advantage of at the dealer, this is the place.

    We purchased an Acura MDX at a terrific price, in great condition, at DARE auto. At the time of the sale (winter) they promised to fix the A/C when we brought it in months later — and they did — a free $500+ job. Excellent service, honest, great prices, good used inventory.

    I’ve known Jonathan and Laura for years now. DARE is the only place I bring my cars because this family run business is competent, fair, honest and above all trustworthy. I NEVER have to worry about whether unnecessary repairs have fattened up the bill, or that the bill isn’t anything but market competitive or usually, way better. They get things right almost all the time and absolutely stand behind their work if they don’t. Over the years I’ve brought in foreign and domestics of all makes and their trained staff handles them all. I would absolutely buy a car from Jonathan, anytime. Let’s be real here too, Jonathan is giving cars a ‘second life’ so many have 100k miles or more. That said, their age and miles usually means they cannot possibly be as reliable as new but that’s no fault of this dealer. Jonathan goes through all the cars and won’t sell one that isn’t safe and ready to drive across the country, and that’s not something you could say about too many small dealerships. In today’s age of sketchy shops and dealers it’s usually hard to find anyone you never have to second-guess or ‘keep honest’. DARE is one of those rare places.

    I had an amazing car buying experience! The car I looked at was inimmaculate condition. All it needed was a center console & a o2 sensor and it was replaced as promised!

      Thanks for your purchase. We are happy that you are enjoying the car you have been searching for.

    I wanted a cheap but reliable car for my daughter. I did some searching on and this 2002 Taurus seemed to meet my needs. Jonathan was so relaxed about letting me go out to test drive it, then allowing me to take it 20 miles away to my favorite mechanic. I wanted to make sure that I was making the right decision, so I called Jonathan with so many questions over the next three days. He returned every one of my calls promptly and patiently, and was willing to do anything I wanted to make sure that this car would be healthy. I’ve only owned this car for about five hours. But I’m already certain that I’ve done the right thing.

    I found Jonathan’s through They allowed me to take the car, a used Subaru to “my guy” in Edgemont. After reviewing a few issues that they found, Jonathan’s did the work to resolve them at no additional cost to me. They day after purchase, the Subaru wouldn’t start. Now at my home in Ambler, I took the car for service locally. Upon recieving a bill for new repairs made the day after purchase, I called Jonathan. He immediately heard me out and agreed to help me with the cost of the abrupt malfunction. As of now the Subaru is running strong and we are very appreciative of the service we recieved from Jonathan’s. It was clear that they wanted to do everything that they could to ensure that they sold us a quality vehicle. What could have been an unsettling experience was made into one that will bring us back. Thanks again guys! Owen

    After searching several months for a specific used truck, I found it at Jonathan’s. The staff was extremely accommodating, staying open late on a Saturday so I could test drive it. The truck was completely checked over and serviced by their expert shop. It was very competitively priced and dealing directly with the owners gave an additional sense of confidence. Overall, you can feel very comfortable with buying a used vehicle from Al at Jonathan’s or using their service department DARE.

    Purchased a used vehicle, excellent service with a friendly staff

    I started taking my car to Jonathan many many years Everyone in the shop are always so pleasant, and Laura his sister is sooooo sweet, love all the mechanics there, their always very accomadating and helpful. I always recommend Jonathan’s to everybody who asks.

      Thank you. I’m glad we could serve you, whether buying a quality pre-owned vehicle or servicing your car at DARE…all makes and models.

    We had a good experience. Dealer worked with us to find the car we wanted.

      Thanks, so much for your purchase. I think your daughter will be served well by this Civic. Please consider us for your future purchases and mention us to your friends.

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