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    Three generations of my family have used them. I have been dealing with Dave for over 35 years.

    As I’m writing this review it’s 95 degrees outside, but it’s a comfortable 70 inside my car. Thanks to DAVE’s automotive for making this experience not too painful. The staff was courteous and kind. I was able to drop off my car in the morning and by the end of the day my car was repaired. Was a great experience and I would recommend DAVE’s to anyone.

    My Silverado received the BEST full detail it’s EVER had and it’s had many full details by other shops. If you want a GREAT full detail on your car/truck have Dave’s do the job. Thanks guys

    Anytime some one ask for a referral, it’s DARE you won’t be disappointed. I use to take my vehicle to the dealer, until I found out they work on commission, they get u at inspection, tell u need this and that.

    We brought our Mazda in to decide whether it was worth putting money into or needed to be ‘junked’. After DARE checked it out we are confident that the right decision was made based on their extensive repair list and recommendation. We trust their work, and that they have our best interest with regards to our cars, our safety, and our wallet.

    DARE does not disappoint. Just had fluids replaced in powertrain as preventative maintenance. Very experienced mechanics, well run operation and priced fairly.

    I’ve commented before on my high satisfaction with low to moderate level repairs. My 12 year old GMC Envoy needed more significant work this time. DARE did not disappoint. Diagnosed the problem the first time, shared options and worked with me to choose the best choice for quality, longevity and price. Scheduling was easy, the service was quick and I was informed throughout. Nice work DARE

    I’ve been taking my cars here for 11 years … their best quality … you can trust that the work they do is required and at a fair price … the plus … the staff is welcoming, friendly and professional … what more can you ask

    I would highly recommend this automotive repair shop to anyone. The always seem to be able to squeeze me in at a moments notice and they do great work at a very fair price. You know when you take your care to DARE that they are not just going to tell you there are a bunch of things that need to be fixed just to make money. They give you an honest evaluation and they don’t try to up sell you. If you need your car repaired and you don’t want to be taken advantage of at the dealer, this is the place.

    We purchased an Acura MDX at a terrific price, in great condition, at DARE auto. At the time of the sale (winter) they promised to fix the A/C when we brought it in months later — and they did — a free $500+ job. Excellent service, honest, great prices, good used inventory.

    Everyone at the business was super friendly. I was given a shuttle ride back to my apartment. They had a ton of work to do on the vehicle and completed it all in 24 hours. The vehicle is running like a new vehicle after the service.

    I moved to the area about 4 years ago after living in NYC with no car. As a single female with very little recent car service experience, the expectation is that I’m going to walk into a car service operation and get duped out of a lot of money. On the contrary, I’ve been coming to Dave’s Auto Repair since I moved here and have had consistent great service and at a fair price. This is a family run business with super friendly service and everyone seems generally happy. I’d never imagine having such a positive experience at a car service station. The business is very involved in the local community, which is also important to me. I highly recommend!

    I do have to say that being a first time customer, I’m very impressed with quality, customer service, and the prices are very fair …. its been a long time since I’ve seen such a great garage.

    You all saved the day yesterday and helped me get back home to VA safe and sound. Thanks so much for bringing a happy ending to my car troubles!! You all were amazing. If I lived in West Chester, there would be no question about who I brought my car to.

    I have taken my vehicles to many other repair shops in West Chester. Dave’s Automotive consistently does the highest quality work at a great price. They always treat myself and my family with the utmost respect. They even have a shuttle service to give you a ride to work or your home. I will always bring my cars there and tell my friends and family to do the same.

    I wanted to extend a thank you and true appreciation for the work done over the past two weeks. In diagnosing and repairing my 1997 VW Passat – not once, but twice – you were extremely fair and honest throughout the process. In this age of big box stores and instant information, it’s refreshing to see top-notch customer service from a local family-owned shop. I know understand why your lot is full and the shop is constantly busy – you and your staff should be proud of the business. For as long as my family lives in West Chester our cars will be serviced by DARE Thanks again from a satisfied customer.

    I have taken three cars that I own to Dave’s Automotive for repairs for well over 10-yrs from the simplest to the most complex job you can imagine. Their staff is very friendly and extremely knowledgeable. They ensure timely repair and quality service at very reasonable prices, especially when compared to prices at dealerships. I highly recommend Dave’s Automotive Repair Enterprises (DARE) for your next service repair.

    I have taken my cars to Dave’s Automotive as long as they have been in business. The quality of their customer service has continued to improve with their expansion and technology. I look forward to many more years with them.

    To the guys at Dave’s for the great service I have received on my ’93 project car. After a recent 700 miles tour, the vehicle pulled strong and drove as if it was a brand new car. Greatly appreciate all of their fine restoration efforts!!

    I got my windshield fixed at Dave’s Automotive and I have to say the service was great the price was right and if I need something done I will go back to Dave’s.

    Dave’s Automotive is great repair shop. I have taken all of my cars and trucks (foreign and domestic) to Dave’s for the past 12 years. And I tell all of my friends to take their cars and trucks to Dave’s. Dave, Jonathan, Laura and the crew can tackle any and all projects, such as: replacing an entire wiring harness that short circuited, melted and caught on fire; replacing a blown engine; helping to diagnose a pesky air-bag light; finding that mystery clicking that turned out to be a loose spark-plug and NOT a bad valve lifter (or worse); and run-of-the-mill jobs like brakes or oxygen sensors. What’s more, I often complete many repairs myself; Dave and Co. are always helpful with advice, instructions, and they even help me get the best pricing on parts. I’ld be lost without Dave’s Automotive.

    I was driving to work this morning to UPS and my engine light came on. Since it was 4:00 am I was unable to drop it off anywhere and since I am from Delaware I didn’t have time to drive back down there. Anyway, I thought of your shop and took it there. I met your son and your daughter and they were all very helpful. And the turn around was great. Just wanted to say thanks. Hope all is well with you and your family.

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